Madden 18 Ratings: Rookies Get Grades

Madden 18 has released its rookie ratings for Madden Ultimate. Where do this year’s first rounders rank? 
The 2017 NFL Draft was a great one. It saw a lot of surprises and some excellent players get picked. Now’s the time of year everyone waits to see what the Madden 18 ratings will look like. The ratings for Madden 18 haven’t been released yet, but the Madden Ultimate ratings are now known.
Obviously, these aren’t official. In fact, the ratings seem to be solely based on draft position. Not even Chicago Bears fans think Mitchell Trubisky should be an 83, which is higher than John Ross, Christian McCaffrey and even Jamal Adams.
Fans should expect a huge difference between the official ratings and the Madden Ultimate ratings. First of all, Myles Garrett will likely have a higher rating than 84. He’s a physical freak and has all the tools to be an elite pass rusher. Garrett blew everyone away at the NFL combine, so he’ll likely have impressive physical skills. An 87 isn’t unreasonable for him.
Secondly, the first-round pick who should see the largest increase from his ultimate rating to Madden is Reuben Foster. He was a projected top 15 pick before his off the field issues likely caused his drop to the San Francisco 49ers at No. 31. Foster should see his rating sky rocket to about an 84, with 85 being the likely high.
These ratings should give the hardcore Madden fans a taste of what’s to come. But obviously, there will be some differences. Patrick Mahomes likely doesn’t get the same grade as Deshaun Watson because the latter is ready to start right now while the former is not. It should be interesting to see what position Madden lists Jabrill Peppers at. The last player to have his kind of unique versatility might be Charles Woodson.
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